LUL Engineering TUPE to TfL

June 6, 2017

Dear ALL,

We met with LUL on the 1st June in a stormy discussion regarding the proposed transfer of 1600 staff into TfL Engineering Directorates.

The RMT reiterated its opposition to this cost cutting change and our commitment to ensuring that our members are protected and their terms and conditions are not affected adversely by this change.

Below are the major areas that were discussed in summary.

  1. Pensions – The RMT stated that the proposed measure to move to Pay for Performance (PfP) will not be supported and want existing staff to remain within their existing LUL Pay Terms and Bands.  We believe that PfP will adversely impact on pensionable pay and future earnings and destroy the Pension Promise made to people on a yearly basis when they receive a pension statement showing what they are likely to receive when they retire.
  2. Functional Council Membership – LUL are fully aware that people have been removed from this TUPE because they are in Operational Grades. This has happened in Fleet, Track and Signals and in Stations & Civils (Lift & Escalators). The removal of people from scope and changing their reporting lines is a change to terms and conditions and a discussion matter for the Trade Unions. For example, the SES Group with its standing Tier 1 Rep is mainly made up of managers that are being TUPE’d. However the whole section sits in Track and Signals and therefore is part of our sphere of influence. These talks affect us all
  3. Collective Agreements – LUL have stated that collective agreements will not transfer but contractual terms and conditions will.  The RMT have massive concerns around this statement and demand clarity as to the specifics of the Metronet and TLL agreements that are considered to be contractual. This statement involves all staff that were transferred from Metronet and Tube Lines and will not go unchallenged. If people believe that we will see our hard won agreements shredded and binned, then they are deluded. Unless we hear positively on this issue, then we will potentially have a dispute involving nearly 4000 people across this TUPE and former Metronet and Tube Lines areas.
  4. Terms and Conditions – We want a full list of individual contract variations provided to us. We want to see exactly what terms LUL believe people have so that we may we challenge and correct this belief. Also, LUL have to provide this information to TfL by TUPE law so they should have this information to hand
  5. H&S – The RMT have continually stated that we believe that there must be discussion regarding Health and Safety. The should be changes potentially that are reflected by a Change Assurance Plan and we must make sure that safety is paramount. We have asked to see all the meeting minutes and inspections that TfL have carried out with its Trade Union Reps.
  6. EQIA – Throughout this whole process, we have stated that we believe minority and women may well be adversely affected by this transfer. What is there to hide and do a EQIA and let’s all see how this affects equality and diversity?
  7. Hidden Measures – We are concerned that there is more to this transfer than is being said. It looks obvious that this is just Phase 1 and that other people may well follow such as Operational Staff in Fleet, Track and Signals and Stations and Civils

It must also be said that this transfer involves far more people and areas than has been described by the company business case. This aspect needs to be fully explored and anyone not in this scope should not transfer. We believe that there has been a ‘land grab’ to get people into TfL and we will do our own ‘land grab’ to get them back!


The next Branch Meeting for LU Engineering Branch is 7th June at the Savoy TUP 17:00. If you are affected then please attend and give us your views.


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