LUL Every Job Matters: Station Grades

September 23, 2014

2014                                                                   Circular No IR/247/14


Dear Colleagues


Every Job Matters – Defending Jobs on London Underground


Further to my previous circular on the above matter dated 4th September 2014 (IR/226/14), London Underground has advised me that following their ‘Fit for the Future’ consultation they are prepared to amend some of their proposals. However, these amendments only represent window dressing meant to appease the union’s negotiating team. It remains the case that management are hell-bent on carrying out a programme of major job cuts, hitting thousands of RMT members with the prospect of downgrading with a resulting loss of salary and closing every ticket office by the end of 2015.


The company’s proposal on displacement is too vague and does not take into account members’ location needs. The salary guarantee needs to be much stronger, as LUL initially promised that all staff would unconditionally have their salaries protected if they were affected. Even though the company had promised that no one would have to reapply for their own job, members are still being strong-armed into attending development centres. 


As you will know, as part of the campaign to resist LUL’s plans, an overtime ban along with other forms of industrial action was scheduled to take place earlier this month. However, with the company threatening to use the anti-union laws and to allow for further discussions with your representatives, this action was suspended.


Since then, we have read of the resignation of LUL’s chief operating officer Phil Hufton, who was the architect of the Fit for the Future project, leaving this in disarray. But this does not mean that the fight against the company has ended. Far from it, as management remain intent on cutting jobs and closing ticket offices. With this in mind, therefore, the General Grades Committee has considered the matter further and decided to reinstate the overtime ban, the details of which are:


  • With effect from 00.01 hours on Wednesday 24th September 2014, until further notice, Station Grades Members, Revenue Protection and Duty Station Manager Grades Members are instructed not to work any overtime.


I urge you to stand together and continue the magnificent support you have shown for your union in the campaign to stop LUL from carrying out its plans, which will have a disastrous effect on not only you and your colleagues but on the travelling public also.


I will, of course, keep you fully advised on any further developments.


Yours sincerely

Mick Cash

Acting General Secretary

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