LUL Night Tube

May 20, 2015

LUL have decided to go to war with the Trade Unions by trying to impose Night Tube rather than carry on talking. Quite out of the blue, Unity House was sent the below letters detailing how LUL intended to start local discussions on ‘implementing’ revised rosters. The surprising aspect of this action is that talks had been progressing nicely at Functional Level until LUL decided, and again out of the blue, to refer the matter to company council and link the issue to pay, stopping all talks. Now after stopping discussions they want to move to imposition (a similar letter has gone to unity house regarding Train Drivers). This can only be seen as a challenge to the Unions right to negotiate on behalf of its members and must surely be linked to the new Government and the recent election result.

LUL Imposition Night Tube


The reality is that this is a totally unnecessary act by LUL which is as provocative as it is counter productive. The instant result was the below resolution being passed unanimously by the LUEngineering Branch and a Track and Signals Reps meeting

“This branch notes that LUL are trying to impose Night Tube talks on Track and Signals at local level. All representatives have been instructed to refuse talks unless Unity House authorize them. This branch believe that this is a direct attack on our machinery of negotiation and agreements based on rosters and Monday to Friday working that was won following strike action. We cannot let this issue go unchallenged. We therefore call on the GGC to ballot all members in our sphere of influence for strike and action short of strike. Furthermore there must be no worsening of terms and conditions”

The truth is this matter could easily have been negotiated. The truth is many of our members are Monday to Friday and wish to stay that way or be adequately rewarded for amending their contract. The bitter truth is that we cannot allow LUL or any other company, to dictate how, when and in what manner they rip up our agreements and tell us that they are imposing anything on our members.

Do not forget we have already been on strike over rosters and Monday to Friday working, reaching the below agreement with Management.

CMO Roster Agreement

We won this through action and it may take action to defend it.

For the time being the RMT are refusing to attend any local meetings about imposing rosters on our members and all matters are being dealt with at the highest level in our union. We therefore also ask ALL our members to NOT volunteer to change any shifts and allow your union to negotiate your terms and conditions of employment and refuse to allow LUL to rip up our agreements

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