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December 23, 2015

Despite reaching agreement with LUL at Acas (click it >>Metronet Grades Dispute – ACAS Resolution (3)) regarding the increase of On Call payments in Engineering and Back Pay to 2007, so far LUL have only increased the present rate. Even that was only recently.

Our members have now had enough. Promises of jam tomorrow never appears and tomorrow has now came and gone. This is clearly unacceptable. Numerous emails and promises have been sent, none have materialised with back pay into our members bank accounts.

Therefore we advise our members that are affected to raise a grievance with LUL. Please see the template below:






To Bob Doyle

cc. Terry Deller

Dear Bob,

I would like to take a grievance over non-payment of my on call back pay.

I am owed <<enter amount if known or state period that you are owed for i.e. from January 2009 etc>>

I would like my money with immediate effect.



Please send any evidence that you may have. Also copy in your local RMT rep to the email.

If LUL refuse to pay then we intend to refer the matter to our legal team ASAP to give an opinion whether a claim through County Court is viable and look to take cases forward if there is.

To get a legal opinion please fill out the forms below



L2-June 2014

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