LUL Pay Branch Survey

January 17, 2020

Dear ALL


This is just to update you all that the branch carried out a survey on the two LUL pay offers. It is now closed.


This survey was to help our negotiators understand better what our members want and that our members are streadfastly determined to fight to better their terms and conditions. To that end, we won’t reveal the survey votes at this time to ensure that we negotiate the best deal for you. However, I can confirm the replies was overwhelming and extremely strong.


Under the law, should we ballot we must reach certain thresholds and in just 8 hours, we recieved over 600 completed replied.


We do recognise that survey’s such as this, and others are not the only way to reach and interact with our members but it is a useful tool to contact you all fast.


Please continue to feedback your views to our reps and come to the branch.


If you did not recieve a messgae, it was ONLY sent to members of the LUEngineering Branch working for LUL.


But also please check that your contact details are correct by logging in at:



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