LUL Pay Cut Offer

March 4, 2015

This morning  myself and senior RMT Functional council reps attended a special meeting of the LUL company council to deal with this year’s pay claim. LUL made the first offer of this pay round, we have agreed to go back tomorrow at 1000 to continue the discussion .


Offer is

2 year deal .


2015 = 0.5%



In return for and for future operation of NIGHT TUBE a Non consolidated( one off payment) for all COO staff and CPD Operational staff  , to be paid at two stages  £250 twice = £500 in total


And that’s it !


Our initial response was that this was an laughably inadequate disgraceful and in effect   an insult to all of the hardworking staff on LUL offer  With all of the extra productivity staff are giving now , let alone in Nigh Tube the company have offered what is in effect a “Cut “ in living standards . We will return to the Talks tomorrow , after which I shall provide a negotiating officers  report for the General Secretary and National Executive to formulate RMTs  response




John Leach

RMT Regional Organiser

London Transport

Region 11


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