LUL Pay & Night Tube: Acas Update

January 20, 2016

Dear  RMT members

Today myself with senior RMT reps met LUL at acas for the second day in this week’s talks

A new proposal for Train Operators ref Night tube working / reduced hours /pilot for 4 day 36 hour week / Freeze on weekends working was placed on the table.

Stations…. a lengthy discussion also  took place on outstanding issues on FFFS. Some new proposals were made and we  have made some progress on these matters,but serious issues on rosters remain

We further discussed Service Control outstanding matters relating to work life balance

At 1900 hours LUL made a revised Final  offer on Pay

2015 1% +:£500 consolidated on all salaries

2016 RPI or 1% whichever is the greater

2017 RPI or 1% whichever is the greater

2018 RPI +0.25% or 1% whichever is the greater


One off payment of £500(non consolidated)  to all staff who deliver night tube at the launch of  night tube

One off payment of £500 (non consolidated) to station grades upon the implementation of Fit for the future stations model

The previous package of work life balance  measures  were also tabled on 4 day 36 hour week for all grades were reiterated.

A Closing dispute resolution letter is being sent to the trade union general secretary’s

I am submitting a report to the General Secretary and NEC who will consider the unions response and next steps .


John Leach

RMT Regional Organiser

London Transport region 11

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