LUL Pay Talks

February 25, 2015

Talks took place with LUL regarding pay and conditions on the 24th February. Despite expectations to the contrary, they did not give an initial offer making a mockery of their desire to resolve pay in a timely manner. LUL did however link the 2015 pay claim to the issue of Night Tube They have also said an offer will be forthcoming by the 3rd March

Below is a summary of the RMT requirements


A substantial pay award

Dramatic rises in living costs necessitate a substantial, unconditional pay award at the earliest opportunity, in order for our members’ pay to keep pace with both the increasing cost of living and rates of pay in the industry.


A minimum flat rate increase for those on the lowest pay

Those members who receive the lowest salaries bear the brunt of any increase in living costs and, as such, should be afforded additional protection in the form of a minimum flat rate increase.


Reduction in the working week

RMT members have identified a reduction in full-time working to a 4 day, 32 hour week as a key target (with a pro-rata decrease for part-time workers).


Ending the practice of permanently managed vacancies

The union’s policy is for management to increase levels of coverage in the roster and to cease the practice of permanently managed vacancies.


Best travel facilities for all staff

All staff, whether directly employed or not, should receive free access to all travel facilities as standard. This includes individuals who provide support services such as cleaning via outsourced companies, being entitled to the same travel facilities as directly employed workers.



The union opposes the use of overtime where extensive and continued vacancies exist; we also oppose contractual, compulsory and the rostering of overtime.


Family friendly policies

The desire for improved work-life balance is coupled with a demand for more progressive ‘family-friendly’ policies and a claim for 52 weeks full pay for all women on maternity leave. 


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