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May 19, 2016

Following talks at Acas, LUL agreed that staff would not be compelled and could stay on their existing rosters. In CPD it was stated that there would be no impact.

In recent weeks management have been asking staff to sign preference sheets to see if they will volunteer to change rosters to Sunday to Thursday working.

The RMT have always stated that they believed this was a fruitless activity. That our members have stated ‘why would they change shifts?’ and ‘what is in it for us?’

The reality is nothing and the preferences have gone back to management largely stating staff wish to stay as they are.

LUL are now looking to use signal staff across all lines so that they are fully utilised on a Friday Night. Apart from being a logistical nightmare, the reality is staff must be competent to work on other signalling systems and that does not mean just hold a license, but also means training, familiarisation etc etc etc. There is also the requirements defined in the AWC Procedure


AWC procedure


We will be meeting LUL again in a few weeks and will be stating the obvious, that if you want people to volunteer, then you need to offer them a reason to. We will update our members following the meeting at the 2nd June

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