LUL Tendering Tube Lines Work

March 8, 2016

The RMT have caught LUL red-handed as they try to hive off work currently done internally by Tube Lines staff to outside companies. At a time when the RMT are pushing for an end to privatisation and race to the bottom, we was shocked to find out that whilst our members have been working hard and are extremely successful and productive, that LUL are trying to hive off some elements of escalator maintenance to the lowest bidder. This slap in the face to internal staff will not go unchallenged and we are demanding talks at the highest level to put an end to this madness. Even insiders on Tube Lines have told us that they was unaware of this tendering process which if true would show the present arrangement to be a complete farce.

It is time to fully integrate Tube Lines back into the LUL umbrella and end the waste of tax payers money by subsidising external companies profits and enriching their shareholders



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