LUL Track and Signal Night Tube

March 21, 2015

Talks on Night Tube in the LUL Track and Signals area are close to collapse. In a totally illogical and intransigent manner, Employment Relations are refusing a joint meeting with the LUL Stations Reps so that a clear understanding can be sought on the health and safety issues that our members will face trying to carry out their work on a Tube System that is already under funded and under staffed.

In an act of total disregard and lack of understanding, Employment Relations have stated that Engineers are not ‘customer facing’ and therefore these is no need. Try telling the customers that as when they see anyone in a HIVI Vest, they naturally look to them for help. The reality is that our members have been attacked and injured in accidents and incidents at work, of course we want to make sure we understand all the risks thoroughly so that we can make sure the work can be done but our member’s safety comes first.

There can be no agreement unless it is safe and LUL have been told that in the most robust of ways. Until they can guarantee that, then the Night Tube talks teeter on the edge of collapse

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