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August 18, 2015

Following the RMT raising concerns that LUL apprentices on Track and Signals who took a job on Tube Lines were being told that they may potentially be made to leave the final salary pension scheme and sign a contract that only allowed them to join the Tube Lines Defined Contribution scheme, LUL have now confirmed that this would not apply.

Any apprentice joining Tube Lines will go on secondment and retain all LUL conditions. The RMT continue to work to get all TubeLines staff TUPE’d back into LUL


From: Kallah Satty <>>

Date: 5 August 2015 12:03:01 BST

To: “‘Paul Jackson'” <<>>, Littlechild Andy <<>>, Grant Paul <<>>, Ashley Peter <<>>, Harris Mark <<>>, Harvey Les <<>>, “‘<>'” <<>>, “O’Reilly Paul” <<>>

Subject: RE:  Track & Signals – Apprenticeship Issues Action Point


Dear All,


Just a quick update on the above Action Point following the last Track & Signals Functional Council meeting on the 2nd June 2015.


The Apprentices that are appointed to roles in Tubelines at the end of their term will go across on a secondments and will remain as LUL employees.  They will also retain their pension benefits.






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