LUL Track & Signals Sunday to Thursday

February 1, 2017

Last year the union negotiated a deal whereby staff got a one off payment of £500 for the implementation of Night Tube. That has now happened.

The deal was based on people staying on existing rosters and allowed for time off from work being accrued.

During this period, the one off payment was reduced from £750 to £500. This was partly because the impact was reduced

Now we see the company on SSL where there is no planned start date for Night Tube, looking for people to volunteer. We have rightly therefore asked for an incentive as the company rightly agreed that our members can stay on ‘existing rosters and also allowed for time off from work to be accrued’.

However what we now find is that they want it for FREE and they want volunteers.

The reality is that track staff on Infraco JNP get four extra days off per year and we have said to the company there should at least have parity with those fellow workers.

So let’s be honest, they cut the money offered to us and then try to sneak Sunday to Thursday in through the back door. Thats not acceptable and we will be bringing this to a head in the next two months.

If they want a change then they are going to have to offer something to make it worth considering. Therefore if any of you are asked to volunteer, please refer them to you rep



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