LUL Track Work Outsourcing

January 11, 2016

LUL Track Work Outsourcing

Despite numerous appeals to LUL to withdraw from training Cleshars’ staff to undertake track patrolling, they have now decided to start line based familiarisation and assessments. This cannot be tolerated and makes no economic sense. The harsh reality, in this time of economic cuts to the budget, is that LUL pay way over a £1200 a week for these staff once trained and have their own internal staff that are able and willing to do higher grade working to do these patrols. To be clear:


If it is not about economics then it would be easy to see this as a direct attack on the one core area of Permanent Way work that has not been handed over piece meal to private companies. LUL gave a toe hold to contractors in minor works and now LUL are opening the door to see the last vestige of core internal and skilled work placed into the hands of organisations driven by profit.

LUL have also hinted that this is about Night Tube and the need to change rosters. Yet when our members have said they are willing to look at changing their rosters to move to a Sunday to Thursday shift pattern, did management bite their hand off? NO, they instead escalated the issue and started to assess Cleshars’ staff on the Victoria Line.

This confrontational approach can no longer be ignored. The truth is there is no longer any choice, we have to stand up and defend Track Patrolling.

The entire Permanent Way staff across LUL are therefore about to be balloted in an attempt to show LUL our member’s resolve and their strength of feeling. However, should LUL continue with their path, then we may also need to consider whether an all grades situation exists.

The solution is clear, we are NOT against the workers, LUL have available vacancies for Track Staff and it makes sense that these staff would be suitable  for these roles. So it’s now down to management, get back into talks with the RMT, stop the rhetoric and let’s make sure that safety critical track walks are completed professional, safely and more cost effectively by INTERNAL LUL employees.

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