Martin Stukin's Dismissal

September 28, 2015

Martin works for Tube Lines in Lifts and Escalators and like many people has been unwell over the last few year. However, he has been improving and has been productive to the company and his vast experience has been well utilised by the company.

However, Martin was brought in for a meeting last week and told the company were to dismiss him on medical grounds. The truth is the company refused to wait for his consultant’s appointment that is due to take place imminently (3 weeks) and stated that as they had no light duties, that they would move straight to dismissal. They never considered alternatives such as London Underground’s Alternative Duties Department or other areas of the business sufficiently.

The RMT won agreement many years ago that no medical termination or redeployment would take place without a job offer first. This did not occur and management  steam rollered the whole issue through despite rigorous opposition from his reps.

The member that worked with Martin believe this to be the wrong decision and are looking to defend Martin and defend the agreement over sickness. To that end they are organising support for Martin including the below attached petition for his reinstatement (to be used at his appeal).

The matter will be discussed at the next branch meeting and all methods to defend his job will be considered


Martin Stukin Petition

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