MJ Quinns Fuel Cards

July 22, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

It has been brought to our attention that MJ Quinns wish to alter their Fuel Policy and remove Fuel Cards. Our members believe that this will potentially make them financially worse of and impact on their ability to carry out their work and contract. The RMT did write to MJ Quinns, however, they have ignored the opportunity to deal with this matter collectively.

Unless you are completely happy, we would advise you not to sign the ‘confirmation of contractual variation’ and lodge reasons as to why not.

We attach a proform that may assist you on how to lodge your concerns.

Fuel Concerns Pro Forma

Or you can simply amend the text below




Employee Number:                                                  




Sonia Burridge,

HR Resources Consultant


Ref Fuel Cards:


I would like notify you that I am not currently in a position to accept the company proposal regards Fuel Cards and require  the following:


  1. I wish to retain the Fuel Cards because I believe that I have a contractual right to do so. Please advise if you believe otherwise?
  2. I am concerned that the way used to calculate the mileage and the use of HMRC’s Rates may leave me financially worse off and may not cover the total cost of any fuel that I put into the vehicle. For example if I am stuck in traffic or there are diversions etc.
  3. I believe there have been delays in making payments for expenses in the past and I cannot afford to be owed money.
  4. I do not have sufficient money to self fund putting fuel into the vehicle. It has not been made clear what the impacts will be to me if I cannot afford to fill up the company van. What exactly will happen if I run low on fuel and do not have money to put fuel into the vehicle?
  5. I do not believe that I have been fully consulted on these changes. For example, the meeting on this matter seemed to be more of a training session on how to complete the paperwork.
  6. I do not accept that there has been any consultation with regards to varying my contract.
  7. I am unclear what happens if I work outside London as it is not definite from your Q&A’s that I will be paid.
  8. It has not been made clear to me what are the impacts or intentions will be if I do not accept this proposal. I assume I retain my Fuel Card.
  9. I do not accept the business case for this proposal. It is my belief that if there are any issues regarding personal use then it is reasonable straight forward to deal with that matter directly so that the company is reimbursed.
  10. I wish my union to negotiate this issue on my behalf.





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