Network Rail

May 17, 2015

General Secretary Mick Cash said.


“It is rank hypocrisy for Network Rail executives to be attacking the pay and conditions of the front line workforce when they themselves are soaking up telephone number salaries and jetting round the world business class at public expense.


“RMT is proud that we have secured decent pay and conditions for our members on Network Rail and this dispute is all about protecting and advancing those gains and on the eve of crucial talks it is entirely unhelpful for NR to be rubbishing it’s own workforce in this cynical fashion.


“We are talking here about men and women who work round the clock in often appalling conditions, being sprayed with excrement from passing trains, to keep Britain moving and our railways safe. We will take no lectures from the NR Boardroom, or from the politicians about to land salary increases of 10%‎, about pay restraint. RMT’s focus is on talks at ACAS aimed at negotiating a settlement while we prepare ourselves for action from next Monday. ”


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