New Year 2015

January 1, 2015

The Branch and RMT Trade Union would like to wish everyone a prosperous, healthy and  happy New Year


2014 has now passed and it is time to reflect on those friends that sadly left this life, Bob Crow and Tony Benn. Never forgotten, always missed and irreplaceable to the working class movement.


However, as 2015 is now upon us and the drive by the bosses and self interest based politicians to further attack our terms and conditions in the name of austerity will continue. We can save the bankers but if you work for City link and thousands of other firms, then you are alone. We are not in it together, the rich are in it for themselves and the poor up to their necks paying off a deficit whilst the rich just get richer. At the same time the gender pay gap has increased which surely after 40 years of the Equal Pay Act, must be a national disgrace. A political system that espouses  equality must also show that it is and has achieved equality, otherwise it is just lip service


The only thing we can do is brush ourselves off, roll up our sleeves and get ready to defend what we have, get ready to fight for what we should have and show the ruling classes that they can stick their austerity where the sun doesn’t shine.

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