PM, the Mayor and being Open

April 10, 2016

When it comes to disclosures about people’s salaries that work for TFL and other public bodies, it seems Boris and his mate, Dave are more than happy that the public has a right to know. They believe in accountability and openness apparently. It is not a private matter, its a public one

However, when the PM appears to tell ‘porkies’ about overseas accounts, it is a different story and it took a week for him to reveal the full facts regarding his £30,000 account. Nice gift too from his mum of £200,000.

We all pay our taxes because we have to and because ultimately that money is used for the essential services that we need. There is no morality when our so called ruling classes are telling us we have to cut, telling us we are all in it together, taking our NHS and everything and right we have away from us, whilst at the same time they ‘avoid’ paying their tax and playing their part.

In their view, us underlings pay our share and we should pay their share too. We are not in it together, we are in it alone and they are in it up to their snouts.  As Jeremy Corbyn  has said “this is money that’s taken from our health services, our local services.”

So next time Dave and Boris is talking about how much a tube driver earns, perhaps they should remember that at least they pay all their taxes, unlike many of the country’s rich

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