Political attack on TfL Funding

October 27, 2020
MT reveals that Londoners are being offered 22 times less funding than private Train Companies in politically motivated attack on TfL
TRANSPORT UNION RMT has revealed today that Londoners face a bleak future in which the capital’s transport network will be starved of money if the government gets its way.
The union’s research exposes the double standards at the heart of transport policy, and has shown that the ‘take it or get taken over’ ‘offer’ made to TfL would mean London getting the equivalent of £1 per passenger journey over the next six months, compared with £22 per passenger journey which is being handed out to the government’s friends in the failing Train Operating Companies.
Chiltern Railways, which runs through Boris Johnson’s constituency are set to receive more than £20 per passenger journey, while Transpennine Express, which runs through Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Yorkshire constituency stands to get £36. 
Commenting on the revelations, RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;
“It cannot be right that Londoners are being threated with 22 times less funding per passenger journey than the private train companies.
“We welcome the support that’s been given to the rail industry but we have to see the same standards applied to London’s massive transport network.
“Instead we’re seeing a politically motivated attack which is starving the capital of transport finding and piling on the pain for ordinary Londoners and small businesses.”

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