Report on the National Women’s Advisory Committee Wednesday 10 June 15

June 23, 2015

Report on the National Women’s Advisory Committee Wednesday 10 June 15

There are 40 Members for the RMT National Women’s Advisory Committee with 10 vacancies still open. Our meetings are very well attended with lots of interaction and views about various issues.

The General Secretary Mick Cash was in attendance today. He gave a talk on the current events and some disputes which were ongoing around the country.

Janet Cassidy of North Clyde Branch announced that she was retiring from her job and so was standing down from her positions in the RMT. She will be taking up other duties in the STUC. Mick Cask presented her with flowers and some crystal glasses to thank her for all the hard work that she had contributed to the RMT.

We also welcomed three members of the Council of Executives (CoE) to our meeting. A written report was received from the Equal Rights Sub-Committee which came from the resolutions put to the CoE. Please see review below:

  1. RMT – Coverage of Equalities Issues

The view of the Committee was that the coverage of women’s and other equality issues has been good and reasonably prominent in the RMT News given the pressures on space in the journal.

  1. Challenging Sexism and Sexual Harassment at Work

The following actions are being carried out:

  • Negotiate a sexual harassment policy with all companies with whom we have recognition.
  • Ensure all industrial and health and safety representatives are trained in identifying and dealing with sexual harassment and;
  • Produce a guidance booklet and place before the CoE after consulting with our advisory committees.
  1. Violence Against Women Transport Workers Poster

The poster which was produced by the RMT is being printed up and will be distributed to the Branches before the UN Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on 25 November.

The next RMT National Women’s Conference 2016 will be held in Scarborough. The dates are to be confirmed as the March dates are conflicting with others conferences taking place.

There is a Women’s training course taking place in Doncaster on 25-26 September. All Women members are welcome to attend.

The Women’s Advisory Committee are Celebrating 100 Years of Women in the RMT at the Houses of Parliament, 25 November 2015 between 5-7pm. The RMT Parliamentary Group will be invited to speak. Further details will follow about the invitations to this event.

One resolution was discussed which was supporting two women members, ISS cleaners who were subject to physical sexual harassment. On discussion we felt that a letter of support and a petition should be arranged.

The next meetings will be 23 September and 25 November.

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