Retired Members Branch

November 4, 2019
The next meeting of the LT Retired Members Branch will be on Tuesday 5th November at 14.00 in Unity House, 39 Chalton St NW1 1JD.
The Guest Speaker will be none other than our General Secretary Mick Cash, talking about the challenges facing RMT and the forthcoming General Election, which is critical for the future of working people. 
 We’ll also discuss retirement issues, and hear reports on a range of other issues.  The minutes of the last meeting are attached.
Branch visit to the Postal Railway
At the last meeting we agreed to visit the ‘other’ Underground railway – the Postal Railway and Museum.  This will be on Wednesday November 13th.  Friends and partners etc are welcome, but we need money up front if you would like Martin Eady to book you a ticket at £13.50, so please bring cash.

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