RMT Circular 28th September 2017  

October 5, 2017

28th September 2017                                                                  Circular No: IR/431/17


Dear Colleagues,


PROPOSED TUPE TRANSFER OF AP JNP (TUBE LINES) TO LONDON UNDERGROUND LTD (formerly Termination of Amey Maintenance Contract – Tube Lines AP JNP) (LUL/15/10)


Further to my previous Circular (IR/237/16, 12th August 2016), I advised of Tube Lines AP JNP intention not to extend the contract with Amey for the management of maintenance activities across the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines from the end of 2017.


Correspondence has now been received from the Company confirming that the Amey contract will end on 31st December 2017 and all AP JNP activity will transfer to London Underground. As a result, all affected members will TUPE transfer from AP JNP to LUL and consultation meetings are due to start shortly.


This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee which has taken the decision to arrange a meeting of all infrastructure, maintenance and engineering reps from LU BCV, SSL and JNP AP with the Senior Assistant General Secretary, Lead Officer and NEC members. I am currently making preparations for this meeting to take place and will keep Branches advised of all further developments.




Further to my previous Circular (IR/337/16, 10th November 2016), I advised that TfL was undertaking a ‘root and branch’ review of the business and the joint trade unions recently attended a Director’s Level Meeting where TfL advised the Transformation Programme is about to enter its third phase. A presentation was given at this meeting to advise of the total transformation savings target of £5.8bn – made up from £5.2bn Business Savings and 0.6bn Operating Model Savings. The Trade Unions were also informed that they would each be receiving an official notification of proposed job cuts related to this review.


This matter has been considered by the National Executive Committee, which is alarmed at the programme of job and financial cuts TfL is soon to be embarking on which would affect both our hardworking members and the service to the travelling public. The NEC then referred this matter into the Southern Sub-Committee for examination and repot. I will keep Branches advised of any further developments.


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