RMT demand talks regarding Train Prep

November 26, 2017



It has been brought to my attention that LUL Fleet management in both BCV/LUL and JNP are attempting to discuss the important issue of changes in frequencies of Train Preparation. There is talk of moving to a 96 hours preparation and this proposal is of grave concern to my Union with regard to the safe running of the railway.


As this appears to be a company-wide issue effecting other grades than Fleet Staff such as Train Operators, I believe that an ad hoc Safety Directors’ meeting should be called with extended invitees to include the Trains and Fleet H&S Council representatives from both BCV/SSR and JNP, together with the full-time Trade Union Officers and that this should meet as soon as possible.


In the interim, I must insist that all other engagements and discussions should cease until the required meeting takes place.

Your urgent confirmation is asked for.

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