RMT demands an end to posturing by the London Mayor

August 8, 2015

RMT demands an end to posturing by the London Mayor as he announces that he is to write to all tube staff telling them to accept Night Tube rosters 

Mick Cash said;

“It is time for Boris Johnson to stop the posturing and start talking. This latest stunt of writing to all tube staff just confirms that he is calling the shots on Night Tube from top to bottom and doesn’t understand the fury he has unleashed across all grades, depots and lines.

“The continued refusal of the London Mayor to have any direct contact with the transport unions, despite the fact that he is clearly in charge of the tube dispute, ‎is a ludicrous way to deal with a crisis that has developed on his watch.The appeal direct to the tube workforce ignores the anger and concerns of nearly 20000 union members, reflected in massive votes in successive ballots, and will just inflame the situation.

“In Scotland, when RMT had a dispute on the ferries, the First Minister stepped in and brokered talks which led to a settlement. The Mayor cannot continue to lurch along in ignorance of the facts, ducking his responsibilities as chair of TFL,  when the whole of London is crying out for a negotiated solution that deals with the fundamental issues at the heart of this current dispute.. “

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