March 29, 2016


Under Item No. 41, the 2011 Annual General Meeting adopted a resolution to commission an independent review of our internal structure and to report back to the 2012 Annual General Meeting with any recommendations deemed necessary. Due to the proposals regarding a merger between RMT and the TSSA, this matter was postponed while discussions took place.

The Executive Committee determined that a review of the internal structure would be best served by involving the RMT’s Branches and Regional Councils, the Council of Executives, Regional Officials, National Officials, Grades Conferences and Advisory bodies. As part of the review, responses were sought and distributed within the Union’s structures. The matter was also placed before the 2014 AGM under Item No. 72 which included a timetable recommended by the Executive Committee which, via a consultation document, would ultimately lead to finalised proposals and alterations to the Rules being placed before the 2015 AGM. Under Items 82 (a – f) and 90 (a – f), the principles of the proposals and alterations to Rule were adopted by conference.

However, within the Executive Committee’s consultation document, it was recommended that any proposal regarding the creation of a Wales Regional Council should be delayed until the 2016 AGM due to the wider consultation that was taking place. The recommendation was adopted and the matter regarding the creation of a Wales Regional Council was referred to the Organisation, Training & Education Sub-Committee as separate items for review, examination and report.

At a Special Meeting of the newly formed National Executive Committee on 10th February 2016, the following Organising, Training & Education Sub-Committee report was noted and adopted:

 “That we instruct the General Secretary to write to branches and regional councils affected seeking their views on the creation of a Wales Regional Council based on the Welsh Assembly boundaries.”

Accordingly, while I am writing to all Branches and Regional Councils for reference, I should be grateful if the respective branches and regional councils, as per the NEC decision, submit their responses to this office by Wednesday 1st June 2016. This will enable all responses to be collated and presented to the National Executive Committee at the Statutory Meeting in June 2016.

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