RMT to recommend rejection of "divisive and unacceptable" LU pay offer

July 6, 2015

6th July 2015



RMT to recommend rejection of “divisive and unacceptable” LU pay offer



RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:


“RMT has received the latest offer from London Underground during the ACAS talks today.


“Our representatives on London Underground have discussed it and are clear that it is divisive and unacceptable. While a small minority of staff are being offered a non-consolidated one-off lump sum the remainder of staff are ignored and the key issues of work/life balance and the personal health and safety concerns are side lined. The deal as it stands is financed off the back of the proposed axing of over 800 safety-critical station jobs and is deliberately constructed to play individuals off against each other in the most cynical fashion.


“RMT is a democratic organisation and the views of our reps on LU are being taken into account. There will be a meeting of the union executive tomorrow morning at which there will be a recommendation to reject the offer. As is normal in all industrial negotiations RMT will remain available for talks.”

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