RMT to take ex-UKPN Pay Issue to Company Council

March 29, 2016

The RMT are taking the issue of pay back to LUL for our members in UKPN. We are concerned that LUL are paying less to these staff than the negotiated pay settlement and we will not let the matter rest until our members are satisfied with the outcome.

It would appear that LUL are stating that they will place these TUPE’d members on the second year of the pay rise ie RPI and not pay the differential for the 2015 agreements, where LUL are paying RPI plus £500 and the UKPN deal was RPI + 0.25%

The LUL negotiated settlement was front loaded to allow for years 2 and 3 of the settlement and therefore the expectation is that the TUPE’d members will get the difference for 2015 (Year 1)

LUL Company Council Submission Below:


Thursday 14th April 2016


 To the Secretary of the LU Company Council 

Agenda Item: Title of issue

Rates of Pay  and Conditions of Service 2015 – LUL- Former UK Power Networks Staff


Submitted by: RMT
Date: 23 March 2016



RMT is of the view that the 2015 pay settlement supersedes a precious agreement reached during a period when Electrical Generation & Distribution Staff where outsourced and employed by the above named company. 

An agreement was reached for these employees in 2011 for a five year pay deal with 2015 being the 5th Year.

 This means their increase in 2015 is June RPI plus 0.25% which is less favourable than Year 1 (2015) of the LUL award, even though they were TUPEd back into LUL in 2013.

RMT want the Year 1 LUL 2015 award applied to these employees.

Please indicate why you believe this item should be discussed at Company Council: Application of General Pay Award




Purpose of raising at Company Council: For decision and conceding of RMT Claim
Additional Information: Please include any relevant attachment or correspondence which could aid discussion of this issue
Estimated time required on agenda for this item: 30 Mins




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