January 14, 2016

Emergency talks ended in failure today when LUL refused to suspend the use of section 15 Possessions in the face of serious concerns from the RMT over their safety and a belief that someone may be killed.

LU’s proposed cuts to safe working in possessions, we believe, will result in fatalities. We have already seen a near-miss involving a engineers train, staff left on the track unprotected and over runs where associated traction areas are being left on.

 As a result and after trying to raise concerns with management numerous times; RMT is being forced to ballot members in London Underground and Tube Lines Members who work on the track

The ballot papers are arriving NOW.

VOTE YES for both Strike Action and Action Short of a Strike

RMT’s concerns about Section 15 are many and range from:

  • Lack of and even no training for staff so they know how to implement and work safely in a Section 15 Possession
  • Staff and trains being mixed in together with an inadequate safe system of work
  • Ending tried and tested access through the Track Access Controllers
  • Failure to complete consultation with the RMT prior to implementation to avoid the obvious pit falls of this policy
  • Ending a zero death culture and replacing it with an ill conceived and rapidly implemented process based on saving money

 The RMT will not let management play fast and loose with our members lives to save a few pounds.


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