Section 15 Dispute

January 14, 2016

Emergency talks are due to take place today with both LUL and Tube Lines regarding the changes to track access that have been incorporated within the Section 15 of the rule book and association Operational Safety Notice.

The RMT will be pushing that the ‘deregulation’ of track access away from the tried and tested Track Access Controllers is a recipe for disaster and our members will not accept downgrading their safety to save money.

Interestingly, LUL has been arguing that the incident on the Piccadilly Line was not a Section 15 issue but an issue of Possession Access. A very interesting argument indeed as it looks like they are admitting that ALL possessions are dangerous so maybe our action will need to be extended to include ALL possessions!

The reality is that Section 15 has led to chaos within track access. The RMT believe that someone will end up being killed and this is why:

  • Lack of and even no training for staff so they know how to implement and work safely in a Section 15 Possession
  • Staff and trains being mixed in together with an inadequate safe system of work
  • Ending tried and tested access through the Track Access Controllers
  • Failure to complete consultation with the RMT prior to implementation
  • Ending a zero death culture and replacing it with an ill conceived and rapidly implemented process based on saving money

The harsh truth is that almost all roles, all briefings, the planning, the auditing and implementation have all been thrown into the air and we believe enough is enough. We hope LUL and Tube Lines see sense, get back to proper and meaningful talks and make sure that our tried and tested ways of working continue to keep us safe

Section 15 Leaflet

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