Section 15: We told LUL so

December 10, 2015

Last night a serious incident occurred using a Section 15 Possession whereby a message informing staff that there was a train in the area failed to be passed on. Staff could easily have been on the track with potentially fatal consequences when the Engineering Train went through the section of track.

The RMT are balloting over Section 15 Possessions on the basis that we have said we believe someone will be killed by this procedure. This incident highlights and vindicates exactly what the RMT have been loudly saying to Management

A section 15 Possession is solely about removing tried and tested protection methods for staff to access the track safely and replace it with a diluted possession that fails to address safety issues or cater for human error. It is purely about circumventing our Track Access Controllers who professionally record people working and trains through areas etc with what can only be described as a process more attune to writing it on the back of a fag packet

The RMT are sure that once again they will blame a worker, but the reality is that we have consistently warned this very event would occur. We believe LUL are fully and solely to blame for this mess and those that imposed this process should be held account for this near disaster.

The ‘system’ is not fit for purpose and now LUL have had a near miss, it is time to put our member’s life first and we call on LUL to scrap this ludicrous process and get back round the table with our Health and Safety Experts.



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  1. Reporter was working on BTR between Hounslow West To Hatton Cross both and was informed by work site SPC that possession had been taken and it was safe to go on track. Whilst attempting to access the track he received a call from another technical officer working at Hounslow west advising him not to access the track as and engineers train 633 was heading his way and train SPC

    1. Hi Dan,

      This is Paul Jackson 07810643681. The policy was discussed for a year or so and went out to all the reps across TfL Engineering and was agreed with them. Obviously, the idea is that they distribute and discuss these matters.

      The reality is that we got the worst of the previous policy wiped off. Such as all the things that you’ve mentioned, personal responsibility for tools in the van and excess (ie you pay it) etc. I need to stress this point, this is not a new policy but a revision of an existing one

      The monitoring is not done through your company and they have no access to this data. Please see extract from the policy

      ‘Requests for information will only be considered from those parties that have a legitimate need and reason for it;
       The Police or other Investigating Authority
       Insurance companies
       The driver (Freedom of Information Request)
       Investigation through Distribution Services.’

      There is also a bigger issue here too. One is to protect our drivers whilst driving from Claims and disciplinary action. But we also have die care for our members health and safety and there have been several deaths over the years. It is not the intention of this policy to punish, but I am only aware of one person that has flagged any issues so far and it was felt that there was no grey area with regards to that case and he was advised and supported on how to drive safely

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