Section 15: Why it is dangerous

July 29, 2015

The RMT have massive safety concerns ref Section 15. Let’s be straight about this too. This is NOT a safer replacement for Track Access Controllers, but a slippage in safety for us to work on the track without fear.

LUL have now stated that they will be suspended the trial soon to undertake talks with the RMT. However, by not suspending the trial immediately suggests they have already made up their minds.

So why do we think this is dangerous. Here are a just a few reasons why?


  • There has been little to no consultation with H&S reps and in particular Track and Signals.
  • There are no banners to define possession limits.
  • There is no protection in place to protect the possession.
  • There is potential for confusion regarding Engineering or traffic hours working as section 15 blurs the lines.
  • There have been eIRFs raised by other trial sites.
  • There is no staff training on section 15 possessions.
  • There are no management briefings on section 15 possession trail.
  • There is genuine potential for confusion regarding train movements in the worksite/ within possession limits.
  • There is confusion on 5 minute call back time compared to existing practice and may cause people to rush giving up protection to avoid train delays.
  • Working Risk Assessment is historical and not generic to the new working practices.
  • Potential confusion between TAC and Controller.
  • Success criteria in the DRACCT has not been meet, so trial is already unsuccessful.

With regards to the Amersham trial last week.

  • The Possession limits were not defined
  • There were no traction current limits
  • Traction arrangements state a section in not in the possession plan
  • There was no protection at the south end possession limits.
  • The contingency plan is confusing and no built in fail safe procedure.
  • The Change Control, EIC can change anything on the night with no controls in place.

There is obvious an Industrial element to this change too with Protection Master roles and Track Access Controllers jobs being under threat. To find out more come to the next Branch meeting on 3rd August at 18:00 Conway Hall

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