Section 15: Working in a Possession

April 7, 2016

Following intensive discussions with LUL and Tube Lines management over the Section 15 dispute, progress is consistently being made to ensure that we have a safe system of work for the track.

The initial work has focused on working safely within a possession and a draft document has been produced to further comment (see below).


Working in a possession 3 – April 2016


LUL have also agreed the following:

Summary of the discussion:

  • Code of practice as attached to be shared at your branch meeting and then ratified with RMT executive if acceptable to our members
  • Briefing presentation powerpoint to be altered to reflect today’s agreed changes to code of practice
  • Possession masters and possession worksite access controllers to be given training as a priority in the new code of practice
  • Pilot sessions for the briefings to be held in May with feedback given
  • Bob Doyle to provide schedule for briefings to take place
  • Approx 1st June – briefings to commence for all maintenance staff and code of practice to be launched
  • After 1st June – condensed on site briefing at all possessions to be given to staff for the duration of the briefing period (note – this will not replace the standard briefing)
  • Approx 1st July – new updated BTA/IWA/PWT training to be launched


  • To be delivered in groups of 15-25 people
  • To be delivered by a trainer or trainer equivalent
  • Staff to sign for briefings
  • Staff to be given a physical ticket to say that they have been briefed – we are looking at whether this can be indicated on track certificates
  • Staff that will be working in possessions will be prioritised to attend briefings first
  • RMT representative to attend each briefing

We believe talks are continuing to be collaborative and successful in helping achieve our aim of safety first for track working and access. Without the solidarity shown by our members, none of this would be achievable

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