TfL Pension: 'Transfer In' Issue Won (existing members only)

April 23, 2016

Following pressure and a concerted campaign by the RMT through the Pension Consultative Committee Members, Trustees and Unity House, LUL have been forced to allow existing TfL Pension Scheme members to transfer benefits from other funds into their TfL Pension.

This means that former Metronet and Tube Lines (among others)  who are already in the TfL Pension scheme now have the option to take their existing pots from other pension schemes and transfer that money into the TfL Scheme. This should only be done following independent financial advise.

The TfL Pension initially prevented this from happening six years ago, however, following our campaign, they recognised that they could no longer maintain this position without a rule change of the Pension Fund, something that would have been severely opposed.

Now the struggle continues to get all staff in LUL (ex-Metronet etc) and those in AP JNP entry into the TfL Pension. AP JNP (Tube Lines) staff are in the process of being balloted over this issue

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