September 13, 2016


RMT recently received a communication from the TfL Head of Employee Relations advising us of “…TfL faces an unprecedented financial challenge and that we [TfL] do not have the money to continue as we are.”

He goes on to say that one Andrew Pollins has been appointed by the TfL Executive to the role of Transformation Director, and his remit is to eliminate unnecessary duplication, obtain value from procurement, cut reliance on agency staff and cut costs across all functions.

Management had written directly to the General Secretary on this matter who duly reported it to the National Executive Committee whose decision was to call for an all-grades representatives meeting  from both LUL and TfL. This has now been arranged and the meeting details are given below.

Although this meeting is open to all Branch Officers and LUL/TfL Representatives, release for attendance has only been agreed for all LUL Functional and TfL LCG Representatives on this occasion and so, as before, Local Reps are asked to make their own arrangements to attend and Branches are asked to give support in this regard. The meeting details now follow:

Meeting of all LUL and TfL Representatives

10.00 hours Monday 26th September 2016

Indian YMCA – 41 Fitzroy Square, London, W1T 6AQ

I again ask those of you who have not been released to make your best efforts to attend and I thank you in anticipation of this.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

John Leach


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