Thales Job Losses

November 21, 2014
Dear ALL

The senior reps met Wednesday 19th November and went through the initial Thales presentation.

It is obvious that the documentation is somewhat lacking in information, therefore we are contacting Thales to request the following:

*  Full details of the proposal, including health and safety and equality impacts
*  Full talks on saving jobs prior to devolution to local or individual level
*  A full timetable for talks, documentation in advance of the meetings and then feedback to our members
*  A review of non-permanent labour
*  No compulsory redundancy
*  A guarantee that red book etc redundancy terms are protected

This is obviously the start of what may be a rocky road however, we have made it clear to thales that we will make sure our members interests are fully protected


Paul Jackson
RMT Branch Secretary
LU Engineering (0962)
07810 643 681


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