Thales Update

February 22, 2015

Thales Update:



Dear Colleagues,



Following Tuesday’s very well attended Branch Meeting it was unanimously agreed that we are in dispute with Thales


Whilst we’ve been willing to work with the company regarding their changes, all our counter suggestions have been dismissed. The company even went as far to state that whatever we say, they will be making their changes. That attitude has made a mockery of our so called consultation.


The reality is, we’ve been told and that for them is the end of the matter.


Our members have made it totally clear that they reject the changes proposed by the company.


  • They won’t accept inferior rosters
  • They won’t accept compulsory redundancy
  • They won’t accept less staff and more managers
  • They won’t accept an their union and representatives being ignored


I’ve asked for this matter to be referred to Acas in the hope of even at this late stage this matter being resolved.


I have to say, I’ve had no positive reply, just an email saying we aren’t working inĀ  partnership i.e. letting the company impose change for the worse on our members



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