Trade Union Bill – Take Action Now

April 23, 2016

Trade Union Bill – Take Action Now

On Wednesday 27 April, the Trade Union Bill is likely to get its final vote in the House of Commons, when MPs will vote on the final Bill and decide whether or not to accept a series of amendments made by Peers. These changes offer a chance to remove many of the most damaging parts of the Bill – and we need to keep up the pressure.

If approved by the Commons, these amendments would remove the power to restrict the time off that union reps in the public sector are allowed to represent their members, move towards allowing unions to use online voting in strike ballots, and considerably reduce the impact of the new restrictions on union political campaigning.

The Government will no doubt be looking for a repeat of last year’s Commons stages, when they were able to use their majority to overrule a determined and united case made by opposition MPs.

RMT, TUC and the other unions are continuing to oppose this unnecessary and divisive Bill in its entirety. We’re calling on MPs to vote against it in the final debate, as well as backing amendments that would reduce its damage.

Can you write to your MP now, to let them know you’ll be watching how they vote on 27 April? Please use this link:

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