Trade Union Rights Demonstration

May 29, 2015

To the Secretary all Branches,

Council of Executive members,

Regional Councils and Regional Offices


Thursday 28th May 2015


Dear Colleagues,


Demonstrate against the attacks on your trade union rights


A number of direct attacks on your trade union rights featured in the Queen’s Speech on 27 May 2015, including:

  • the introduction of a 50% voting threshold for union ballot turnouts (and retain the requirement for there to be a simple majority of votes in favour)
  • in addition to the above, there will be a requirement that 40% of those entitled to vote in favour of industrial action in certain essential public services (health, education, fire and transport).
  • the legislation will also seek to place additional restrictions on picketing and introduce an opt-in process for the political fund element of trade union subscriptions
  • it will introduce time limits on a mandate following a ballot for industrial action and make changes to the role of the Certification Officer

It is important to note that the new Business Secretary was elected below the threshold he plans to impose on trade unions, and that there are further draconian proposals in the Conservative Party manifesto.

I am sure you all agree that it is now vital that we take to the streets on 20 June and tell the new government to End Austerity Now. Now is the time to mobilise, to spread the word and to show the full force of anti-austerity opinion in Britain. Encourage family and friends to attend and ensure we are out in force, in a large visible bloc and that this demonstration is the biggest protest seen in London in years. Please assemble at 12pm, Bank of England (Queen Victoria St) City of London or members in Scotland at George’s Square, Glasgow.

Yours sincerely,


Mick Cash

General Secretary




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