Transplant Redundancies

November 20, 2018


Jean Cockerill

Human Resources Director

London Underground Ltd


7th Floor, 197 Blackfriars Road




16th November 2018


Dear Jean




I was some what surprised to come in possession of papers relating to meetings held on 6th and 11th Novembers  which purport to be minutes of meetings held on these dates of consultation with trade unions. As these minutes show, no trade union representatives or officials were present and the management side where simply talking amongst themselves.


That you should pretend that consultation has taken place by going ahead with a meeting when you were advised by all constituent unions in advance that we could not attend is simply unacceptable.


I would make it clear that consultation has not started and it is wrong to pretend that it has.


I believe in order to assist the process, then a special meeting of the Tube Lines Company Council should be convened to do so to address this matter, failing this, I am mindful that there is a statutory one scheduled in early December.


Whatever the case, I again make it clear that consultation has not started and you cannot claim that it has.


Yours sincerely



John Leach


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