Tube Lines Night Tube, Pay and Pensions

June 23, 2016

The RMT met with LUL and Tube Lines today at Acas to discuss Night Tube, Pay and Pensions

Night Tube: Tube Lines have stated that they will identify how many people wish to remain on Monday to Friday rather than go to Sunday to Thursday (Night Staff affected by Night Tube). One potential solution will be to see if level transfers to London Underground are possible to mitigate this issue. However, this is dependent on Numbers and further talks.

Additionally, Night Tube has also been defined as only Friday and Saturday NIGHTs for affected staff. This mitigates any further ‘all night running’ issues in the future and they will require full talks again in the event of any new ‘Night Tube’ aspirations.

Performance Related Pay. A Lengthy discussion took place around this with the RMT stressing the importance of this issue to our members and that this group of people should not be disadvantaged compared to the main negotiations. Tube Lines and LUL have committed to further discussion on how the pot is divided up etc. They have stated this will be as per other years. We stand by our position.

Pensions: LUL and Tube Lines are examining a cost neutral solution to make entry into the Pension Scheme viable for all staff currently on a Tube Lines Contract (both LUL staff and Tube Lines). This will involve costs of approximately £15 million a year and their desire is to achieve this through increased productivity measures. Tube Lines and LUL are in the process of producing detailed figures that will be ready next by week.

The RMT and Management are meeting again on the 4th July to fully review any proposals and we will then report back to our members in the usual manner


Tube Lines Night Tube, Pay and Pensions Update 23 6 16


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