Tube Lines Pay Dispute

August 3, 2015

Dear Steve,

We met Tube Lines today 2.8.15 where they tabled the following regarding our pay claim for 2015.

year 1  1% + £500 consolidated then another £500 for 24hour running non consolidated
year 2 & 3  1%  or  RPI  which ever is greater each year

The second £500 non consolidated for 24 hour running will be paid to all Tube Line Staff covered by collective bargaining.

It was also mention that Tube Lines were working on a work balance plan for the P/way which could mean more track workers being bought in house. At the moment some 40% of all track work is covered by Sub Contractors/Agency workers.

There was no mention of full PRP pot and the RMT is pushing hard to include this as part of any settlement

We said that this does not meet our members aspirations of a substantial pay increase and that any multi year deal would have to be RPI PLUS for us to contemplate any offer. It was also pointed out to them that without divorcing night tube from these pay talks we are only complicating everything and requested that pay be dealt with separately and after an agreement was reached on Pay we would then be able to talk about night tube.

This was rejected by Tube Lines.

We rejected the offer from management and informed them that we would be reporting the offer to our Executive Committee with a recommendation of rejection and that a dispute would then exist.

The TSSA also rejected the offer and aslef told management to talk to there EC member who was not present, unite did not attend the talks.

Can you please place this report before the GGC.

Brian Whitehead
Regional Organiser

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