Tube Lines Pay, Night Tube and Pensions

November 4, 2016

Following over four years of complex and detailed talks between the RMT and LUL, we have finally reached a conclusion.

The below Agreement was placed before all our Tube Lines and Senior LUL Engineering Reps today and was unanimously accepted. This will now be put in front of the RMT executive next Tuesday to ratify.

In summary:


ALL existing members of the Tube Lines Pension or who are eligible to be members, (including those that transferred to LUL and TfL) and future staff will be able to enter the TfL Final Salary Pension Scheme from the 29th January. This is the earliest possible date given the large amount of administration associated with this change and the need to ensure people have enough time to consider their pension options. This will only viable through self funding initiatives which are driven by changes in technology. Implementation of any efficiency project will be negotiated through the Machinery of Negotiation as and when they occur.


A four year pay deal will be accepted. This will amount to:

  • 1st April 2015: 1% plus £500 consolidated into the basic salary
  • 1st April 2016: RPI (1.3%)
  • 1st April 2017: RPI
  • 1st April 2018: RPI plus 0.25% (RPI figures based on the February Inflation Rates)

It should be noted that some PRP staff have already received these payrises. However, for those that have not, this is likely to be paid in the December pay packet along with all associated back pay.

Night Tube

A £500 one off payment to all operational staff for the launch of Night Tube.

Agreement to work together to finalise rosters that need to be altered due to the full implementation of Night Tube. In reality this means staff in Signals, Civils, Power and Electrical that currently work Monday to Friday on Night shifts moving to Sunday to Thursday. This is likely to be the first or second week in January. There are also some talks on Fleet that have already started (Arnos Grove Call Point) that will continue in the present manner. Those particular talks also involve grading issues and any concerned members should contact their local reps for details

Where this causes genuine hardship then this will be considered locally to address this matter. Please contact your local reps or email if this affects you.

Joint Initiatives

Work Life Balance: Looking at ways that working patterns can be altered in a safe and mutually agreed way to give more choice to staff and a better work life balance.

Personal Career Development: Looking at ways to pursue career opportunities across the TfL and making reciprocal agreements with companies such as Lorol.

Agreement on each of the issues above was dependent on us agreeing the whole package.

The RMT has stood firm throughout this dispute and we believe this is a tremendous step forward for our members pay and conditions and will end a two tier Pension workforce.

Once our National Executive have ratified the deal, we will put up more information as to it implementation and the full agreement

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