Tube Lines Pay, Night Tube and Pensions

November 29, 2015

All issues to be discussed at the Company Council on 3rd December

Pay/ PRP: Talks are stalled as Tube Lines, despite stating their independence, remain tied to the same offer that is being offered to LUL staff. The RMT await an improved final offer from Tube Lines that will no doubt mirror identically the offer made to LUL staff last week. We will then make a decision whether this is acceptable or whether we are in dispute. The RMT will ensure that any pay offer is equally applied to the Performance Related Pay (PRP) Pot for staff on full PRP

Pension: Despite being close to an agreement, LUL have put the entry of all Tube Lines staff into the TFL Pension and their TUPE back into LUL on a slow track whilst they try to reach agreement on London Underground regarding Night Tube. The RMT will not allow this issue to be dragged on any longer. LUL need now to be more proactive and finalise an agreement that could easily have been completed nearly a year ago

Night Tube: The RMT are refusing to discuss this until Tube Lines/ LUL return to the table and put finalise the agreement to enter staff into the TfL Pension and Tupe the remaining staff into LUL


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