Tube Lines Pensions

July 11, 2016

Tube Lines Pensions

The RMT met with Tube Lines and Senior LUL management on Thursday at Acas and following this meeting they have written to Unity House outlining their proposals on the issue of Pensions.

Steve Griffith has affirmed his intention to provide access to the TfL Pension Scheme for Tube Lines and ex-TubeLines staff providing it is self funding. The aim is for this to be done for the new financial year on 1st April.

The Tube Lines reps were released to fully discuss this matter on Friday 8th July and the following was agreed:

  • Our reps believed this was a positive approach but that our members are willing to take action if necessary
  • Unity House would therefore need to protect the strike ballot result by any necessary means to comply with the Anti-Trade Union Laws
  • The RMT would enter into further and detailed talks on the efficiencies necessary to make this proposal self financing. These efficiencies would be through the introduction of technology that would remove the need for current staffing arrangements. This would be financed by efficiencies in LUL and Tube Lines.
  • This would be in a very defined time period and that this matter would not be allowed to be dragged out.
  • Both LUL and Tube Lines representatives would now review the cost savings as a matter of urgency with a view to reaching agreement.

The RMT welcome this move and believe that we can deliver our members aspirations for equality of Pension Rights and ending a two tier workforce. We also believe that some of these cost savings can be achieved by not renewing the Amey Contract however that would not be possible until the end of 2017.

It should be stressed that we have been meeting with LUL alone at Acas. However, it is right and proper that this now shared with our sister unions as per existing agreements and we have agreed to that.

Further talks on the details of the efficiencies will now take place mainly under the LUL and Tube Lines Functional Councils for Fleet, Track and Signals, with a report back to Acas on our progress.

It is our belief that talks will achieve TfL Pensions for our members by April next year and if it doesn’t then Industrial Action will be necessary.


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