Tube Lines Pensions Update

September 23, 2016

John Leach (LT Regional Organiser), John Reid (LT NEC Member), Senior LUL and Tube Lines Reps met today to discuss progress in the campaign to achieve Pensions for all staff.

It was noted that there was difficult talks in all areas however the talks in Tube Lines areas have progressed and we have visibility in nearly all areas regarding their proposed efficiencies to fund the pensions.

However, the talks in LUL have been less successful with Management tabling cuts to Main Terms and Conditions such as Pay, Annual Leave entitlement and increases to Hours worked. All of these are unacceptable and all are rejected. Similarly, it would appear that LUL are hoping to impose their previous proposals for efficiencies savings to fund pensions into the general austerity cut agenda. This would similarly be unacceptable and rejected.

In order to drive these talks in the right direction and maintain our deadline for progress of 5th October, we are now asking for Acas to be reconvened so that we can have a straight talking discussion on this matter. The fact is that there are plenty of efficiencies to be had from Amey losing their contract and our members want equality and an end to a two tier workforce

The reps will again reconvene after the 5th October and we hope to either announce progress or what action we may be forced to take regarding this cause

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