Tube Lines Travel, TUPE and Pensions Meeting

May 15, 2015

A formal meeting took place today, 15th May 2015 regarding the Network Rail travel and Tupe of tube lines staff into LUL and the entry of Tube Lines staff into the TfL Pension Scheme (for those not already in it)


We was given a draft email that is going to go to the staff imminently regarding how to claim the 75% discount on Netrowrk Rail yearly season tickets. It was confirmed this will go out very soon and the expectation is that it will only take a short time (few weeks) to administer all the claims. It was also confirmed that the discount will apply to staff that currently have a yearly season ticket even if 11 months old


It was agreed that talks on the TUPE transfer of all Tube Lines staff into LUL will begin as soon as agreement on pensions is reached.

TfL Pension Scheme

Talks took place regarding the wording around the agreement to give entry of Tube Lines staff into the TfL Pension scheme and how it would be funded by technology driven changes such as the new signalling systems. The talks are very difficult and complex, however, we are getting closer and LUL have committed to sending a final draft of words for the agreement within the next two weeks. This will then be reviewed by all the reps from affected areas and placed before the union head office to agree or not.

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