Tube Lines TUPE to LUL

October 5, 2017

Tube Lines TUPE to LUL


Talks have been ongoing with LUL regarding the Transfer of Tube Lines Staff into LUL. Please see attached the last minutes for the Special Company Council that has taken place.

The reality is that LUL are stating that at this stage there will be little to no changes. However, I doubt that this will stay like this for long and it is important that we remain strong to fight any future attacks that may come.


At the company council meeting today, the following was discussed:


  1. LUL have stated that the Tube Lines Long Service awards will NOT transfer to LU and that they will come under the LUL Agreement. This is a day extra leave for 25 & 40 years service plus a small one off payment
  2. LUL stated that the PPP Code of Best Practice Annex ‘H’ (Jobs for Life Deal) is not contractual and does not apply. The RMT strongly reject this idea.
  3. LUL accept that Q Graded and below Operational Staff are covered by Section 6.2.6 of the Main Framework (attached) which in summary states no compulsory redundancies in those grades
  4. The RMT have requested that LUL do a comparison of Special Leave to identify any potential differences i.e. emergency/ moving house and funeral and so on. However, we believe that these are broadly similar.
  5. LUL accept that ALL collective agreements i.e Company Council/ Level 1&2 and MATs (Managers, Admin and Technical Grades) made in the agreed minutes over the years are contractual and are part of the TUPE.
  6. The RMT have requested pay implementation documents so that they can identify any issues of Pay.
  7. EQIA to be conducted to identify impacts on Equality.
  8. The RMT have stated that the Medical Redeployment Agreement i.e. a job offer prior to medical redeployment is contractual and LUL have accepted that the Policies associated with this are part of the TUPE.


Additionally LUL have stated in their measures letter that the existing Attendance Policy (Bradford Factor) will be retained until next April and the RMT have stated that they want an amnesty for Bradford Factor Points prior to transfer to the LUL Attendance Policy based on 2 items of sickness in 26 weeks rather than the complex calculation used by Tube Lines


Further meetings are taking place both on LUL and Tube Lines but the main message is nothing significant is changing at this point. However we need to be vigilant and I would urge you to tell non-members to join the RMT







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