Tubelines/ LUL alignment

March 14, 2018

Tubelines/ LUL alignment


Since tube lines were transferred to come fully under the LUL Banner, there has been many rumours circulating around how much different grades get paid and who gets paid more or who gets paid less. Most of these have been very wide of the mark and were incorrect.


However, it is true to say that people’s terms have changed over the years and in some cases they are now considerably different.


Spot Rate GradesĀ 


Grades that have spot rates are generally similar with some Tube Lines staff tending to be paid about 1% extra However, where some LUL staff are paid more, the differential can be as high as 20%.


Q GradesĀ 


In terms of Q Grades, there is a large differential between LUL and Tube Lines as it appears that Tube Lines did not raise the bottom of the band over a significant period.



Pay comparison (click here)



There are also differences between other terms and conditions such as PM and SPC Payments, Paternity and Maternity payments etc



Benefits comparison (click here)



The RMT are well aware that these issues need to be resolved and these will form a huge piece of work to align these terms and conditions into one format. We will be pushing for an alignment upwards and I am sure that LUL will have a different view.


However the key point is that we are all aware that many of these issues are solvable and will need to be addressed. It should also be stressed that there are no proposals trying to push pay and conditions downwards at this time either.


The RMT therefore intend to place this firmly on the agenda and make sure that that LUL are fully aware that we intend to push, as always, for the best deal possible and that we are looking to end certain disparities such as Electricians (Senior Tech) Pay.



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