What a representative should be doing

December 28, 2015

What a representative should be doing


ALL Representatives will:

  2. All reps should be trained and use that training to support their role and their members
  3. All reps are expected to take part in Branch recruitment and retention programs.
  4. Use the Labour Research Books if made available to you
  5. Remain accountable to your members
  6. Have regular Branch Correspondence/ Communication with the Branch.
  7. Local Reps MUST forward their work details (such as staff lists, depot and office locations) to the Membership Secretary for recruitment and retention reasons on a minimum of quarterly or in the event of major changes basis. This is vital to overview our recruitment.
  8. Help produce local newsletter/ update for their members and branch


Level 2 Reps will:

  1. Give a report to the Branch on a three monthly basis on their activities.
  2. It is stressed that the Branch Report back is an essential part of Level 2
  3. Feedback Minutes and information for the local level reps
  4. Support and assist Local Level Reps
  5. Engage with their employer to make sure a fair recruitment process takes place and actively supports recruitment of under-represented groups in the workplace.


Branch Attendance


  1. All reps are expected to attend the Branch at least once a quarter and apologies given to the Branch Secretary if they unable to be present at a meeting. Apologies will only be included in the minutes by the branch if acceptable reasons are given.
  2. Reps without the minimum attendance levels will not be allowed to stand for re-election at the AGM and will have to report to the branch.
  3. Any rep not present at the Branch for six months will be contacted to explore reasons for non-attendance. The Branch will offer to assist in any way practicable so that reps have every opportunity to attend.
  4. Failure to further attend future meetings will result in the Branch deciding whether to remove the individual as a representative
  5. There is a difference between being unable to attend and ‘cannot be bothered’.
  6. The branch is prepared to look at all means, including technological to assist

 What reps should do

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